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Live simply to live fully.

Modern Day Self Reliance is a blog about homesteading, permaculture, nature, etc. But, we are truly much more than just a blog. Our content embodies a unique set of values that too often are overlooked in today’s society – simplicity, self-sufficiency, and putting nature first.

Recent Posts

An old farmhouse with vines and plants growing in the front yard.


Much of today’s homesteading seems to be replicating modern life, just with a rural backdrop and a little more land. We find that most modern homesteading isn’t actually all that resilient or sustainable. Being tied to routines or dependent on technological solutions to access the same conveniences as before (just now in a different place) doesn’t achieve the liberation and freedom that people seek by getting away from conventional life in the first place. We write about homesteading as a process of wholesale change in the way we live our lives – to be more resilient and regenerative.

Red apples growing on a tree.


You may or may not have heard of permaculture. If you have, you know it is a bit of a buzzword. As a result its definition seems so flexible that it means whatever people want it to. To us, permaculture is the human-directed application of ecological components and processes to solve wants and needs sustainably, thus creating a richer, more productive environment as a result.

Jars, bottles, apples, carrots, and other food items displayed on a table.


Food has become sensationalized. It is no longer a form of sustenance and deep connection, but rather a convenience, a commodity, gratification without investment. We think otherwise. We think food is something we should all be more involved with. That you need to work for food and grow it in a way that is responsible and improves, rather than depletes, the soil in which it is grown.

Tree-covered mountains behind a bright teal lake.


We believe that the natural world is the greatest source of inspiration and fulfillment that we have. From its ability to provide us food, medicine, and other materials to its use as means of recreation and solace to the wildlife that provides entertainment and joy that never fades.

A typewriter on a table with coffee, a pen, and a note.

Offbeat Critiques

There seems to be no shortage of opinions about things these days. Most opinions, we feel, seek to define specific subjects or issues and rhapsodize about them as they fit within the framework of modern societal values and rationale. We rarely see, however, a wholesale scrutiny of modern society’s way altogether. Why do we do what we do? Why do we think the way we think? We seek to dissect actions and views that are embraced merely because they are common and make our case for why they need to change.

Thought bubbles drawn on a chalkboard with a lightbulb inside the biggest one.

Insightful Blurbs

For when you’re not always in the mood to tackle an article, these bite-sized reads are a great option for a fresh dose of enlightenment. This category is a potpourri of facts, quotes, thoughts, and other interesting information that may introduce you to something new, help you learn more about something you’re already familiar with, or just inspire you when you need it. We’re out to make everyday extraordinary through perspective and knowledge!