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19 Sourdough Discard Recipes

19 Sourdough Discard Recipes

As a modern homesteader who values homemade, natural foods, I understand the importance of enjoying the rich, tangy taste of sourdough bread. However, I also know that traditional sourdough recipes can be time-consuming and complex, making it difficult for busy individuals to enjoy fresh bread.

That’s where sourdough discard recipes come in!

In this article, I’m excited to share some of my favorite same-day sourdough recipes that offer a shortcut to achieving delicious sourdough bread and other treats without waiting days for fermentation. These recipes incorporate innovative techniques and tips that will help you create the perfect sourdough loaf in just a few hours.

Whether you’re a seasoned sourdough baker looking for ways to streamline your process or a beginner who wants to try your hand at this classic bread, these recipes are sure to be a game-changer!

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1. Quick Sourdough Biscuits

These sourdough biscuits take about 20 minutes to put together, and make for a delicious, quick side you can add to many different meals.

I don’t know about you but I LOVE a great bread recipe to go with a homemade soup. But there are also many nights I don’t prepare well in advance for making homemade bread. This is where sourdough biscuits become a great rescue for a quick and last-minute “bread!“

Get the full recipe here.

2. Sourdough Discard Pasta

One of my absolute favorite ways to repurpose my sourdough discard is by making sourdough pasta. Not only is fresh pasta easy to make, but it’s also incredibly versatile and delicious.

Sourdough pasta is perfect for a cozy night in or a fancy dinner party with friends. It pairs well with a variety of sauces, from a classic marinara to a creamy Alfredo, and can be flavored with herbs, spices, or even beet juice for a pop of color.

Get the full recipe here.

Source: Make It Dough

3. Sourdough Discard Dumpling Wrappers

My favorite recent discard recipe discovery is a mildly tangy DIY dumpling wrapper using sourdough discard. Not only does this recipe reduce food waste, but it also adds a unique flavor and texture to the dumplings.

The mildly tangy flavor of the sourdough dumpling wrappers pairs particularly well with fillings that have a slight sweetness or that taste good pickled, such as cabbage and carrots. However, you can really fill them with anything you like, from savory meat fillings to sweet fruit fillings.

Get the full recipe here.

Source: Du’s Doughs

4. Sourdough Coffee Cake

Sourdough coffee cake is a deliciously sweet, sourdough, vanilla cake layered with a cinnamon filling and topped with brown sugar crumble. It’s the most scrumptious breakfast treat for the holidays or the weekend.

Get the full recipe here.

5. Sourdough Snickerdoodle Cookies

These delicious sourdough snickerdoodle cookies are so easy to make and will give your sourdough discard new life!

Sourdough starter or sourdough discard (you can use either) gives these snickerdoodle cookies a lovely tang – and combined with the cinnamon sugar they are just SO good.

Get the full recipe here.

6. Sourdough Blueberry Scones

These sourdough blueberry scones are moist and lightly sweetened, unlike traditional sugary-laden scones. They are bursting with blueberry goodness and backed up with a hint of lemon. 

Perfect for breakfast or a snack at work.

Get the full recipe here.

7. Sourdough Discard Bagels

There are many reasons to love these sourdough bagels. They are super easy with only 30 minutes of prep, the sourdough does not have to rise or ferment overnight, and they taste much better than store-bought bagels.

You can also make huge batches of these to freeze for an easy grab-and-go breakfast.

Get the full recipe here.

8. Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies are loaded with chocolate chips and so easy to make when you use your sourdough starter discard. No electric mixer is needed for this recipe (just your muscles), and you can have a soft, cake-like cookie or bake a little less time for a chewier cookie.

Get the recipe here.

Source: I Am Baker

9. Sourdough Crumpets

Sourdough bakers, don’t throw away the sourdough discard… make sourdough crumpets instead! They’re even easier to make than regular crumpets as the sourdough discard is already a perfect crumpet batter.

Just add a little leavening and soon you’ll be eating the lightest, holiest crumpets. These are never-fail sourdough crumpets with lots of holes to soak up melted butter.

Get the full recipe here.

10. Sourdough Brownies

This recipe makes the best sourdough brownies. They are rich and fudgy, with thick gooey centers and shiny crackly tops.

Don’t throw away that sourdough discard. Make a sweet treat and satisfy your chocolate cravings at the same time!

Get the full recipe here.

11. Sourdough Cinnamon Pecan Muffins

These Sourdough Cinnamon Muffins with Pecans are great straight out of the oven, and equally good after sitting a bit. That means they are ready and waiting whenever family members roll out of bed.

Get the full recipe here.

12. Sourdough Discard Pita Bread

You’re going to love this easy recipe for Sourdough Discard Pita Bread. This is seriously one of the best sourdough discard recipes. Jump in and learn how to make this sourdough pita that you will love for lunch or dinner!

Get the full recipe here.

13. Fluffy Sourdough Pancakes

Extra soft and fluffy sourdough pancakes mixed up and ready in under 30 minutes.  

Get the full recipe here.

14. Same Day Sourdough Pizza Crust

This easy Sourdough Pizza Crust recipe is a lifesaver for those times when you need a quick and simple homemade meal that’s also hearty, comforting, and delicious!

The sourdough flavor does SO well as a pizza crust because it balances nicely with the sharpness of cheese, saltiness of pepperoni, and acidity of tomato sauce.

Get the full recipe here.

15. Sourdough Sugar Cookies

Cut-out sourdough sugar cookies are soft and tender and hold their shape perfectly when baked. These sugar cookies are easy to decorate for holidays or special occasions!

Get the recipe here.

16. Same Day Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

Wondering what else you can make with sourdough starter? Here’s one delicious idea!

Make these Fluffy Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls with buttercream frosting!

Get the full recipe here.

17. Same Day Sourdough Sandwich Bread

This sourdough white bread recipe tastes like cafe-style bakery bread but comes together from start to finish in about 60 minutes. It really is as simple as it comes— perfect for same-day baking + beginners!

Get the full recipe here.

18. Sourdough Chocolate Cake

The rich, decadent taste of this cake is balanced out by the subtle tanginess from the sourdough starter, creating a flavor combination that is out of this world. It’s the perfect way for chocolate lovers to use up their discard, and it’s sure to impress anyone who tries it.

Whether you’re a seasoned baker looking for a new challenge or a beginner eager to try your hand at a unique recipe, this Sourdough Chocolate Cake is sure to become a new favorite in your household.

Get the full recipe here.

Source: Milk and Pop

19. Sourdough Dinner Rolls

These sweet, fluffy rolls that are topped with honey butter will pair perfectly with any dinner that you have planned!

The best part is that they’re same-day sourdough rolls, meaning that you don’t have to let them rise overnight in order to have delicious rolls for dinner.

Get the full recipe here.