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About Us

About Us

What Is Modern Day Self Reliance?

In short, we are a blog about homesteading, permaculture, nature, etc. But, we are truly so much more than ~just~ a blog. Modern Day Self Reliance embodies a unique set of values that too often are overlooked in today’s society – simplicity, self-sufficiency, and putting nature first.

After deciding we wanted to live a simple life in the middle of the woods, we started researching how to make it happen. What would it take to escape conventional society? What skills would help us get there? How could we quit the 9-5 drudgery and still pay our bills? Why is it so difficult to live a peaceful and reserved life?

We found some helpful resources, but nothing comprehensive. Nothing that answered all of our questions, and certainly nothing that reassured us there is indeed a way to achieve this lifestyle. This lack of information we so desparately wanted and needed spawned the idea for our blog.

Modern Day Self Reliance was created to provide information and encouragement to people seeking a more gratifying life outside the norms of regular society. 

More Than Just A Blog

Modern Day Self-Reliance manifests itself as a way of life, but we like to think of it as a frame of mind, a different perspective, and a unique set of values. This fuels us in pursuing a life far different from the conventional one with which we were previously enmeshed. 

Modern Day Self-Reliance seeks to challenge societal and economic norms by embracing the genuine, wholesome, and natural facets of life. It strives to present the case that a well-lived life is actually very different from that which people all around you are pursuing. 

The lifestyle and mindset we advocate is one that our society thinks makes no sense. However, we want to show you why, in fact, it is much of society that does not make sense. Come along with us as we try to discern the things that we do, examine why we do them, and most importantly, understand what we are trying to get out of life.

What Do We Believe?

We believe that many aspects of modern life lack substance, connection, and fulfillment. 

We don’t subscribe to the notion that working our lives away merely to afford the necessities (of which the definition of true needs is very distorted) and conveniences is the right way to go about things. We don’t mean this as wanting to avoid work altogether and at all costs. To the contrary, we believe in hard work as an essential and a worthwhile endeavor. 

Where we differ is in demanding that our work be meaningful and provide benefits, pride, and enjoyment to us – something we find so very little work in the modern world to possess. We don’t believe you have to work just so you can buy and consume. 

But see, consumption becomes necessary due to the stressful and unfulfilling nature of modern work and societal obligations, both explicit and implicit, that dictate what life should consist of for us. Consumption and conveniences therefore become a lifeblood essential in extracting external substance from a lifestyle without much purpose or intrinsic satisfaction. Eventually, most get to the point where they concede that the institution of modern life is acceptable and embrace its societal constructs, perpetuating the cycle that keeps our world ticking. We refuse to concede.

We believe that the life you live should also be your passion. We don’t feel life should be a “balance” between sacrificing our time and energy in ways we don’t want with the things we actually do want to be pursuing in this short life. We don’t believe in feeling the need, or pressure, to abide by conventional norms for the sake of conforming to what society’s expectations are. 

Most of us work to live. Some of us even develop passions and we work so that we can pursue them. We believe in living a “life of passion” in which all aspects are worth living for through the meaningful connections we make with the things that matter. We think that keeping our interactions with the “artificialities” of life to a minimum is the only means to prevent the erosion of intrinsic fulfillment and identity. 

We reject the idea that technological progression is inevitable and holds the key to better lives as well as the solution to our problems. 

We do not think products and services that make life easier or more convenient and thus perpetuate the need to constantly consume and produce with ultimate dependence on the current system of things is a resilient way to live. Why do we feel so compelled to pursue the “conveniences” and “pleasures” in life that we are encouraged to do, buy, or covet? We think it has to do with an ever-present and unshakeable need to find meaning and true contentment in our lives according to what society, sadly, tells us are the answers. We subscribe to a very different philosophy. One that values simplicity over complexity; natural over artificial; humility and modesty over arrogance and self-importance; regeneration over destruction; conservation over waste; and resilience over vulnerability.

We believe that the natural world is the greatest source of inspiration and fulfillment that we have. From its ability to provide us food, medicine, and other materials to its use as means of recreation and solace to the wildlife that provides entertainment and joy that never fades.