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A Different Way To Water Plants

A Different Way To Water Plants

Instead of watering potted plants from above, try dunking them to save water, ensure they get a thorough drink, and increase the length between watering (in case you are prone to forgetting, like us!).

Submerge the pot in a 5 gallon bucket of water if smaller, or we like to use a tote bin if it’s a larger pot. When the bubbles disappear, take the plant out. Though the water will get some soil in it and other small debris, the same water can be kept for multiple dunks if it is stored in a dark place where it will not grow algae. Then, when you want to replace the water or it gets too low to dunk the pot in, dump it out in your garden or take a cup to dunk in the water which can then be poured onto the plant.

Keeping your pots on trays or saucers if inside will contain any water that drips from the potting container. güvenilir mi

Sunday 5th of March 2023

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