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Develop An Admiration For Asparagus

Develop An Admiration For Asparagus

If you want a low maintenance vegetable that will continue to yield for years to come, grow asparagus. Forewarning, this plant requires time and patience to get established – 3 to 4 years for it to bear annual cut-and-come-again harvests. But once it is established, you can get around a half pound of asparagus per plant during an 8 week period. And on top of this, an asparagus plant can last decades. Well worth the wait to get established!

Though all asparagus varieties are packed with antioxidants, purple asparagus has a greater level of antioxidants than green. In fact, few foods have a higher antioxidant count than this prodigious nutrient powerhouse. It should be considered a “food medicine” and a must have in any garden if you are looking to maximum nutrient intake.

Bonus blurb: in mid-November (depends on hardiness zone), cut down asparagus tops before they self-sow. Top plants with compost or manure for even bigger spears next year.

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