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Uses For Slash

Uses For Slash

Never burn or dispose of slash left over from clearing out vegetation or logging operations on your property. Some of you may think that it is an eyesore or burdensome and serves no purpose, but I assure you it is of great value.

Most of us can guess that slash (for those of you who don’t know it is the branches, leaves, and other woody/leafy matter left over after cutting vegetation) is basically like oversized mulch. As it decomposes it returns a great deal of nutrients back to the soil since the leaves and branches that make up slash are the most nutrient-rich parts of a tree (the trunk is primarily dead tissue containing proportionally less nutrients per unit of mass).

Slash serves some physically functional purposes as well. With trees gone or at least less dense due to clearing, more rain gets to the ground and slash acts as a stabilizing component for the soil. Slash also shades the ground from harsh, direct sunlight which prevents the burn-off of nutrients as well as providing a moist microclimate for new growth. Slash also, much like mulch, offers a degree of insulation for the ground below during the chill of winter, which will help plant growth get off to a better start in the spring.

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